Use & Care

Steps For Use & Care of Cast Iron


01 – Cast Iron Use & Care

Wash the Cast Iron Pan Well

Once you’re done cooking in your pan, go ahead and wash it with some warm soapy water, wiping it with a kitchen sponge.


02 – Cast Iron Use & Care

Dry the Cast Iron Pan Thoroughly

Dry the pan thoroughly with towels right after washing. Even better, once you’ve hand-dried the pan as best you can, set it over a high flame. The heat will speed evaporation, driving off any last bit of moisture and guaranteeing that the pan is totally dry.


03 – Cast Iron Use & Care

Oil Lightly and Heat the Cast Iron Pan

Just rub the pan very lightly all over with an unsaturated cooking fat, like canola, vegetable, or corn oil, making sure to buff away any visible greasiness so that the cast iron almost doesn’t look like you’ve oiled it at all.

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